25 abril, 2006


A sandwich is a food item typically consisting of two pieces of bread between which are laid one or more layers of meat, vegetable, cheese, or other fillings, together with optional or traditionally provided condiments, sauces, and other accompaniments. The bread is often either lightly buttered, covered in a flavoured oil when baked, or oil is added into the sanwich to enhance flavour and texture.

Sandwiches are commonly carried to work or school in lunchboxes or brown paper bags (sandwich bags) to be eaten as the midday meal, taken on picnics, hiking trips, or other outings. They are also served in many restaurants as entrées, and are sometimes eaten at home, either as a quick meal or as part of a larger meal. As part of a full meal sandwiches are traditionally accompanied with such side dishes as a serving of soup (soup-and-sandwich), a salad (salad-and-sandwich), or potato chips and a pickle or coleslaw.
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12 abril, 2006

Fisher Building

Um dos pontos fortes do apartamento do 17º andar do Fisher Building: a vista.
À esquerda a Sears Tower, à direita a vista para nordeste.
E assim voam os 14 dias de conforto de graça, daqui para a frente é cada um por si e começar quase do zero, na segunda rua este-oeste da baixa (loop) mais perto do rio e da animação dos bairros do norte.
Para já vai valer o colchão de ar emprestado e os candeeiros comprados numa "familiar" loja de móveis e decoração de origem sueca.